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Kramies Featured at Record, Rewind, Play

April 7th, 2014

'Clocks Were All Broken'The Kramies and Jason Lytle collaboration, ‘Clocks Were All Broken’, and its beautiful new music video  has just received a glowing write up at the awesome Record, Rewind, Play blog,

“Taken from Dutch-American singer and song-writer Kramies’ The Wooden Heart EP, and featuring the talents of the very excellent Jason Lytle, ‘Clocks Were All Broken’ is not so much a song as a dream fragment, slowly looping and pulsing. Round and round it goes, as you absorb its hidden textures, until suddenly its gone, at which point you’re aware that something is missing, just not quite sure what.

I’d be forever happy if the song’s theme of time standing still – creating an eternally perfect moment like the trippy summer’s day at the beach – were somehow made real, its beautiful and dreamy psychedelia stretching out endlessly. As it is I have to make do with pressing repeat every four minutes, as indeed I have been doing for the last hour or so.”Record, Rewind, Play

Head over to Youtube to watch the music video. The track is lifted from Kramies stunning EP The Wooden Heart available here.

New Slow Dancing Society Track – Free Download + Stream

April 3rd, 2014

Slow Dancing Society - A Clearing‘A Clearing’ is the new single by US ambient artist Drew Sullivan (aka Slow Dancing Society), taken from his forthcoming sixth album The Cogent Sea. ‘A Clearing’ sets the scene beautifully for The Cogent Sea‘s masterfully handled journey into new territory for Drew Sullivan. Gently overlapping waves of synthesizer are suspended amid sustained tones, holding the listener transfixed before Sullivan’s trademark guitar sound gently brings the listener back down to earth, transformed.

Slow Dancing Society’s sixth album The Cogent Sea is another absorbing progression in Drew Sullivan’s discography, introducing elements such as saxophone and old-school drum machine rhythms into the mix. The album explores some of Sullivan’s more overt ’80s influences while also drawing upon elements from across Slow Dancing Society’s stunning, critically acclaimed back catalogue.

‘A Clearing’ is available as a free download from Bandcamp. The Cogent Sea will see release on the 26th June 2014.

New Kramies’ Music Video at Sounds Better With Reverb + More!

April 1st, 2014

Kramies‘ beautiful music video for his sumptuous collaboration with Jason Lytle, ‘Clocks Were All Broken’, has just been featured at the awesome Sounds Better With Reverb zine. The video was also chosen as the Video Pick of the Week at The Colorado Sound. And to round it off the video was also featured at excellent blog, The Sunday Experience. Check out their lovely write up,

“Be honest, doesn’t this just stop you dead in your tracks frozen by the deep shiver running down your spine and with the delicate forming of a tear that threatens to escape the corner of your eye, utterly beautiful. New video from the Kramies for the track ‘clocks were all broken’ which comes peeled from their current EP ‘Wooden heart’ out via Hidden Shoal – also features Jason Lytle not that you need any further prods.” - The Sunday Experience

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