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Liam Singer Dislocatia – The Dwarf

October 28th, 2010

Excerpt: “So you know, “Dislocatia”, a word used as the title to Liam Singer’s latest release, is in fact not a word at all, but its connotations certainly explain what is contained behind the paper sleeve. Singer is certainly not one to mingle in the standards; he’s the kind of guy who co-founds a 20-piece kazoo orchestra if you want an example of his past. Dislocatia is no exception to this, and while there may be no kazoos scooting on this record, dislocation from the norm is rife…. Contemporary arrangements mix together all sorts of piano playing as Dislocatia plays out – beginning with the mystical tinkering and moving to everything from booming dominance to disjointed madness. It moves between the soundtrack of a classic fairytale to that of a madman’s nightmarish imagination. The addition of Wendy Allen’s vocals beside Singer’s own is worthwhile and a saving grace. The female counterpart adds strong variety and enhances the album’s positive moments greatly. When the two harmonise, such as on the minimalistic ‘ Winter Weeds’, you can’t help but feel as though things are going right – the pair really do complement one another well…. It feels as though it should be something magical, but in the end it stands alone as a wonderfully bizarre product that is hard to place.”

The Dwarf

City of Satellites ‘BMX [Video]‘ – The Frontloader

October 28th, 2010

Excerpt: “I’ve often found that the best time to appreciate music is late at night, after a long day of hustle and bustle. For some reason, my brain is usually at it’s most peaceful state in the late hours, and I’ve found that I’m more accepting and open to new music…. This track was the perfect backdrop to the night… it just seemed to float out from my iTunes and carry me to complete relaxation. “BMX” was synth-laden, atmosphere-inducing, and came across just as their label, Hidden Shoal Recordings, described it: sublime…. The music video for the song was directed by Dael Oates of Mothership/Digital Domain (Tron Legacy, Benjamin Button, Pirates of The Caribbean). It’s truly a sight to see: “BMX” is off their latest album, Machine is My Animal.”

The Frontloader

Liam Singer ‘Winter Weeds’ – Luna Kafe

October 28th, 2010

Excerpt: “Dislocatia is Brooklyn-based chamber-pop experimentalist Liam Singer’s third album. His first on Hidden Shoal. It is produced by Scott Solter, as were his second album; Our Secret Lies Beneath The Creek (Tell-All), and features Wendy Allen on vocals, both of them from Boxharp, another Hidden Shoal band. And even though the heavy influences from this Californian duo is very audible, it is Liam Singer’s chilly and delightful compositions that makes Dislocatia such an astonishing album. Dislocatia is a cycle of dusky contemporary chamber, that is somewhat lightened with elegant pop-melodic craftsmanship. From the instrumental opener “On Earth a Wandering Stranger Was I Born” to the closure “Stinson Beach”, the soundscape is made of prosaic, romantic minimalism, an uneasy melancholy, and charming metallic beauty… Liam Singer challenges the borders of pop music with his experimental, or contemporary musical, use of piano and strings. This much aided by Wendy Allen’s heavenly backing vocals, that empowers the tunes in a classic direction…. this album that probably is best described as just beautiful.”

Luna Kafe

Markus Mehr Magic

October 28th, 2010

Our ruminative ambient composer Markus Mehr has been gaining some serious attention being reviewed by two of the bigger taste makers on the blogosphere Ondarock and Textura, with his debut album here Lava. Not to mention he’s recently been announced to be playing at Madeira Digital Music and Arts Festival 2010! Madeira, for who aren’t aware, is a small garden island off the coast of Portugal, being transformed into a festival paradise for anyone who’s music taste lies slightly left of field for four days over December.

Markus MehrHubble Markus Mehr – Hubble