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Episode 2 of the new podcast ‘Please Hold The Elevator‘ by Rich Bennett & Ana Breton has arrived! After the beautiful thing that was episode 1, Rich and Ana (both of Monocle) bring us another select hour of lounge, muzak, exotica, library, Brazilian and everything else on the fringes. This week’s show includes some beauties from Monade, Zooey, Ennio Morricone, Hipsychords (pre SoundPool) and Jacques Siroul to name but a few.

And speaking of Monocle, we are counting down to May when the new album Transpacific Sound Paradise (co-produced and engineered by Scott Solter) will shine its light upon the world. In the meanwhile don’t forget to check out Monocle’s sublime previous full length Outer Sunset and Rich Bennett‘s stunning solo outings.

‘Please Hold The Elevator’ is hosted exclusively on MixCloud. The first episode is also available for streaming. Click here to check the show out!

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