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Check out this wonderful review of Liam Singer‘s new single ‘Stranger I Know‘ over at the always excellent Fingertips Music (a must read in our book). Here’s a taste:

“Here’s a guy who can begin with a keyboard refrain all but Bachian in its playful convolution (in what appears to be 6/4 time no less), find a melody to sing on top of the refrain, add a chorus too severely syncopated ever to sing along with, float woodwinds and angelic backing vocals through the artfully conceived soundscape, use a cello without showing off, and wrap the whole enterprise up in less than three minutes. And it’s seriously beautiful.”Fingertips Music

‘Stranger I Know’ is lifted off Liam Singer’s forthcoming fourth album Arc Iris (July 2013). The track is available as a free download from the Hidden Shoal Store.

Liam Singer ‘Stranger I Know’

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