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[Translated excerpts from the original German review]

Off, as with the two preceding parts [In & On], is available as a download & a stylishly designed CD-R in digipak on Australian label Hidden Shoal Recordings… Markus Mehr, a native of Augsburg, is surely  one of the currently most exciting discoveries in atmospheric drone & ambient around at the moment….The strength lies again in the immense intensity of his soundscapes – the shimmering, rising and falling drones produce through their multiple layers like a swell, almost wall-like intoxicating effect, yet without being destructive. Elements are subtley changing between the poles of enraptured relaxation and dissonant confusion, of beauty and menace. In this universe of sound the ear moves from detail to detail and loses itself more and more into a trance…Markus Mehrs Off is an absolutely fitting end to a consistently intense trilogy. It finds no noisy climax, but instead pours out in a slow trickle. Off combines all of Mehr’s strengths, connecting all three parts together and proves once again the international class of Markus Mehr. Absolutely recommended!”

- Cultural Terrorism

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