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Markus Mehr’s sublime new album Off has received another glowing and wonderfully engaged review, this time over at the always excellent Hypnagogue. Check out the excerpt below to get you started, then read the whole review here.

“Listening to Off is a challenge, but it’s an incredibly rewarding one. The balance is tricky, because the opposite ends of this equation are the far ends, but Mehr makes its work perfectly. You are pummeled with the unyielding intrusion of blatantly non-musical noise, and you are salved with the reassuring solidity of the piano, and somehow it makes sense. Yes, it requires an open approach to music. If you like it pat and simple, this won’t work for you. And maybe it’s not supposed to. The triptych as a whole has been slim on easy access points, but that’s also a hallmark of Mehr’s work–he’s not easy to listen to. He is, however, well worth the effort, and Off is perhaps Mehr at his most stunning.” – Hypangogue

Stream Off and get your copy of the limited edition CD release or digital package here.

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