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Nine Ten’, the second single to be taken from Liam Singer’s awe-inspiring fourth album Arc Iris, is perhaps the most hauntingly beautiful song in all of the talented composer’s canon. With spine-tingling backing vocals from Wendy Allen (Boxharp), the song is built around a plaintive piano melody, upon which Singer intones a lonely lyric that alludes to lost childhood, to yearning for connection, to the redemptive powers of music. Simultaneously luminous and deeply shadowed, ‘Nine Ten’ is perfectly realised and achingly sad.

‘Nine Ten’ is the second teaser from Liam Singer’s forthcoming Arc Iris which drops on the 11th of July.  The album is melodically and compositionally complex and layered with varied instrumentation whilst never losing site of its pop leanings.  It’s rare to find such arresting compositional talent married not only to an innate sense of melody and emotion, but also to a keen sense of texture and atmosphere. Arc Iris merges these elements and blurs any lines that divide them. The album is a sonic collaboration with Scott Solter, evolving over the course of ten months, with the extensive layering and tweaking of sounds and arrangements, including the invention of an electronically-aided glass harmonica! Sonically, the album exists in a sort of hallucinatory haze, influenced by both The Soft Bulletin and Pet Sounds, yet resembling neither.

‘Nine Ten’ and the first single from Arc Iris, ‘Stranger I Know’, are available for free download from the Hidden Shoal Store.

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