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We’re incredibly excited to be able to share a sneak preview of  Markus Mehr‘s forthcoming full length album Off. The album is the third and final part of a trilogy that includes the critically acclaimed releases In and On. The album will be available from the 24th of January, 2013. To whet your appetite we have a streaming excerpt from the album on SoundCloud (also embedded below) and Youtube.

Off is not only the culmination of Markus Mehr’s trilogy, but it may also be the culmination of his career’s work thus far. The single-track album begins in silence, as a thrumming loop gradually emerges. From there, a beautiful piano refrain is introduced, noise ebbs and flows, threatening to engulf the piece, while field recordings and swooningly transportive synth patterns drift into focus. During its 42-minute runtime, the piece immerses the listener in a dizzyingly beautiful soundworld that’s ever-shifting. Certain passages allude to other sequences and samples in the preceding albums, linking the three albums into a kaleidoscopic mobius strip.

Markus Mehr – Off (Excerpt)

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