Early 90′s, a kerosene heater, an 8 track, a bottle of Green Ginger Wine. “Shady Island” – Rick’s shed turned studio. Five days a week, like a job, but real. Improvising and editing. Performing ambient noise gigs in pubs that should have known better. People coming into the shed, leaving their traces for us to paint with.

The Giant Chocolate Corpse and the time I reminded Rick of George Hadlings mother. Wailing cats living in delay pedals and an assisted session called “Harvesting the Afterlife”. Dat tape and cassette tapes piling, nothing released, everything kept except compilations for friends. Sonic accompaniment to experimental films, performed and recorded.

Now the return. Edit and mix all sixteen years. Start the next one. Open the door a little wider.


Serpents Sleep” Single, 2006 – Listen

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