Elisa Luu

Elisa Luu

“an astonishingly talented artist, crafting immersive and emotive soundfields with ease” - Luna Kafe

Though digitally crafted, Elisa Luu’s music is warm, inviting and uniquely human, betraying a vulnerability and sensitivity that is rarely found in the male-dominated sphere of electronica. With its sighing, lilting qualities, Elisa Luu’s music reawakens a sense of childlike wonder and adventure with every sprawliong and sparkling track.

Un Giorno Sospeso” Album, 2012. Cat #: HSR093. – Listen

Se fosse per me” Single, 2012. – Listen

Come” Single, 2010. – Listen

Chromatic Sigh” Album, 2009. Cat #: HSR056. – Listen

The Garden” Single, 2009. – Listen

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