Markus Mehr

Markus Mehr


Markus Mehr’s debut, Lava, holds true to its title – it is a dense, steaming surge of glue-thick sound. But, after any destructive force there is new growth. Green shoots of melody arc out of the surface and populate the terrain as new possibilities emerge. A new master of heartbreaking ambient drone has arrived.


Live in Bari” Album, 2013. Cat#: HSR110 – Listen

Off” Album, 2013. Cat#: HSR101 – Listen

Duck Became Swan‘ Single, 2012. – Listen

On” Album, 2012. Cat#: HSR094 – Listen

Flaming Youth‘ Single, 2012. – Listen

In” Album, 2012. Cat#: HSR089 – Listen

Cousteau‘ Single, 2010. – Listen

Lava” Album, 2010. Cat#: HSR069 – Listen

Hubble‘  Single, 2010. – Listen

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