Stray Ghost Bio

Stray Ghost


Stray Ghost is 22-year-old Anthony Saggers. Born in Oxfordshire, Saggers has only been making music for three years, but has quickly gained widespread acclaim for his music.

In August 2008, the label Highpointlowlife Records released Stray Ghost’s debut physical release, Losthilde. The album was a semi-autobiographical exploration of lost love, and received glowing reviews, featuring in Textura’s top-of-the-year list. Dead Pilot Records released the Fabula/Sjuzhet EP shortly after, followed by A House of Gold and Oak, released through net-label Phantom Channel, which showcased a greater compositional ability, and a more controlled, minimal approach.

In keeping with his busy release schedule Stray Ghost will add the upcoming album An Avalanche of Swollen Tongues (September 2009, Dead Pilot Records), plus the EPs Deep Breaths/Sweet Airs (October 2009, Hidden Shoal Recordings) and A House of Majesty and Hollow (Phantom Channel) to his catalogue.

Stray Ghost is currently living in Canterbury and is in the process of finishing Losthilde II for Hidden Shoal (January, 2010), recording a collaborative album with Eugene Robinson, of the band Oxbow, and playing as part of the band Bardo Thodol.

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