Wes Willenbring

Wes Willenbring

“Absolutely gorgeous. Dreamy dark meandering melancholia for fans of Stars Of The Lid, Eluvium, Dead Texan, Tim Hecker, Godspeed and other purveyors of darkly dramatic, abstract moody minimalism…” – Aquarius Records

Wes Willenbring’s songs revolve around the primary elements of guitar and piano, the sounds expertly disassembled, reconstructed and manipulated to create minimalist atmospheres that draw equally from the sounds and moods of Leonard Cohen, Erik Satie, Earth, Brian Eno, Coil, and others.


Weapons Reference Manual” Album, 2012. Cat #: HSR086 - Listen

‘Consequences of Recklessness’ Single, 2012 – Listen

Close, But Not Too Close” Album, 2009. Cat #: HSR058 - Listen

Oh, Most’ Single, 2009 – Listen

Somewhere Someone Else” Album, 2007. Cat #: HSR018 - Listen

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