Wizards of Time

Wizards of Time


“I’m not even sure anyone, anywhere, ever has trodden upon the territory Wizards Of Time are treading upon” – Sounds Around Town

Wizards Of Time deftly unleash technicolour art-rock like lightning bolts from their nimble fingers. Progressive without being prog and pop without being pap, the Wizards’ debut release Will The Soft Curse Plague On? is a staggering and unique concept album that weaves a universe-enveloping tapestry of dizzying complexity and emotional depth. They are the music makers, the makers of music, the slingers of sound. They are the Wizards Of Time…


Benjamin‘ Single, 2012. – Listen

Will The Soft Curse Plague On? Album, 2011. Cat#: HSR096 – Listen

Little’s Jingle‘ Single, 2012. – Listen

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