Who We Are

The Heart

Perth’s mythic isolation is oft romanticised. The most isolated city in the world according to popular media. Whilst there is a thread in this romanticism that rings true, we think there is a more interesting notion of distance at play with our artists. Over the last 10 years we have witnessed a minor retreat from the stage to the home studio amongst our musical kin. It is this inner space and padding from the outside that has nurtured a purposeful and useful remoteness. A space where unresolved aesthetics gambol with an unrestrained playfulness. We embrace this space, as do our artists; each in their unique voice.

So much aural wonder lay around us and reached no further than one hundred people. “Lets make a device to hurtle our work into the world”, “sure….sure……yeh…..lets do that.” and thus Hidden Shoal Recordings was born early 2006 in Perth, Western Australia.

Just listen from a distance to the distance. Work it out later.


The Body

Hidden Shoal Recordings’ current catalogue includes releases that slip between the edges of experimental ambient work, shoegazing pop, post-rock and indie rock. The label has earned a reputation for releasing exciting and engaging new independent music unbound by genre or style. Hidden Shoal Recordings was recently chosen as one of the top ten favourite labels of 2007 by Textura magazine and has been dubbed “This generations 4AD” by prominent New York radio host DJ Mojo.


The Hidden Shoal Team


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